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Let us relieve your concerns with a thorough mold inspection.

Mold is something that every property owner worries about at some point. Whether you have a commercial or residential property in Lawrenceville, Georgia or the surrounding areas, our team of experts at Peek Mold Control is ready to assist you with a quality mold inspection of your property to give you peace of mind.

About Peek Mold Control in Lawrenceville, Georgia

When you have mold, it might not be something that you realize right away. While some people first notice they have mold because they observe a mold growth, other people realize that they have mold from physical symptoms that they might be experiencing. Things like congestion, sinus problems, difficulty breathing, and new or worsening asthma symptoms can all be things that signify a mold infestation problem.

If you have or suspect you have mold, a mold inspection is an important next step to take for your property, residential or commercial. A proper mold inspection will not only ensure that our experts will find the mold, but it will also ensure that we can find and resolve the source of your mold. That way, when the mold remediation process is completed, the mold will not return.

If you have mold at your home or commercial property, our team is ready to assist you with a mold inspection and the mold remediation process. For more information about our variety of services that we utilize to assist you, please give us a call today.

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