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Feel safe in your home with our professional home water damage restoration services.

Home Water Damage Restoration in Lawrenceville, GeorgiaWhen you have water damage in your Lawrenceville, Georgia area home, then you are likely concerned about the damages that are both visible and hidden. Water damage can seep and pour through all sorts of areas, using different avenues to make its way through your home. Water damage often does not stay localized to one space, but rather spreads through the different materials of your home. Here at Peek Mold Control, we want to help you with your home water damage with our home water damage restoration services.

The danger with home water damage restoration that is done by inexperienced people is that it is often incomplete. While they might do a fine job of mopping up the floors or drying out the carpeting, inexperienced water damage restoration companies might also miss the cause of the water damage or other damaged areas. With our professional and experienced experts, full and complete home water damage restoration services are available to you and your home. We take the time to find all the areas that have suffered water damage, using special humidity gauges to detect areas that are damp but do not feel wet to the touch. This helps to ensure proper water damage removal, which will prevent the growth of mold.

In addition to doing a thorough job of water damage removal, we also go through the process of home water damage restoration. Using our methods that have been certified by OSHA and the State of Georgia, we are able to deliver on quality water damage restoration. For a free inspection or to learn more about our services, please give us a call today!